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The Wendebank! – the newly invented sitting

The demographic change produces strange effects: The number of elderly people is constantly rising. The possibilities to take a break in cities and during shopping sprees are becoming rare and rarer. Where are they, these benches and sitting accommodations in the pedestrial areas and public parks? Shouldn’t there be more? The delta between set and actual situation offers cities and communities chances to be citizen-friendlier. Shopkeepers, banks, doctors and other service providers can score with their customers in a very innovative way.

We’ve got the Wendebank now!

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The usual conventional park bench is not easy to keep clean

Those who know a lot about it know how much work it takes. Everything outside becomes dirty. Rain, snow, fallen leaves or bird droppings – every sitting accommodation needs to be cleaned regularly. Depending on the building design it is hard and expensive. Furthermore no shopkeeper and no citizen is happy about doves and other animals soiling the sitting accommodations.

Outdoor sitting: Looking good is not good enough

In former times foot tired wanderers were glad to pass a fallen tree or a big stone where they can take a restful break. Today, we as central europeans are used to more commodious things. At home we sit on erconomic correct seats or on stress releaving chairs. Even the seats in airplanes, trains and busses (in cars anyways) are nowadays extraordinarily comfortable. But it’s hard in public: Young city architects of the 70’s have banished concrete benches of plastic and replaced them with concrete blocks and wood without backrests. They are sometimes replaced by powder-coated wire frames as well, where no one endures on it more than a few minutes. It is time to rethink!


Safe clean sitting – the Wendebank

Those who understand the matter don’t get by the problems of outdoor sitting easily. Solutions need to be seeked and found. What can we do against unclean benches, uncomfortable sitting and unwanted guests: The Wendebank. Its seating surface and its backrest always stay clean because they pivot downwards when nobody is using it. Due to those movable surfaces you experience a relaxing and comfortable sitting. „Safe clean sitting“ is the innovator’s aspiration – which the new Wendebank easily fulfils. The wide range of materials and its workmanship guarantee durability. The different kinds of sitting will please its users and the countless scopes for design will delight commune marketing manager and managers of financial institutions.

Ideal for parks, harbours and architectual highlights

The Wendebank is the ideal solution for areas where other benches have been already removed: Under big trees, magnificent big places in summer and at piers or harbours where it’s always busy and the seagulls love to leave their droppings. At the most beautiful spaces in a city and don’t forget the train stations and their turnstiles for busses where passer-bys have to share the seating accommodations with doves. The Wendebank also comes in handy where street furniture needs to enhance the architecture like an elegant cool stainless steel, a colourful accent or a highlighting accessory. Those who relax on innovative seats will achieve new ideas and outside they will get inspiried much easier. That’s why the Wendebank is also welcome in schools, universities and „green“ centers which solve yesterday’s and today’s problems. The Wendebank is a powerful attentive present of companies and banks to the citizens: The frame can be colourfully designed to every corporate design. Logotypes and Claims can be placed on the Wendebank as well.


Really good solutions can be easy

Michael Könker, year 1970, is innately carftsmen. He installs and renovates technical installations at stations for infrastructure firms. Being used to technical challenges, analysing and finding solutions, one day he had an idea for a new invention of public seating: The registered utility model „Wendebank“. He built the first samples with aast-westphalian craftspeople experienced in steel, wood and paintwork. The more he occupied himself with the way of public sitting, the more variations have been formed from the original concept. Construction ingeneers and marketing experst support him and his project.

Contact information
How you get your Wendebank

Great ideas always start from scratch. Michael Könker pursues this concept. In and around his hometown Bünde he succeded with his partners in his first orders and the first Wendebanks were built with his own hands.

Growth is planned. „Safe clean sitting“ is a benefit which will be expected by our growing elderly society.

Direct contact:

Michael Könker
Phone +49 (0) 5223 574458
Mobile +49 (0) 172 5609862

Email address: info@wendebank.de

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